We believe we must first have adequate finances before we can truly realize our full potential.
Through our patent-pending ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan, you can not only unleash your Strong Finances, but also your full potential.​

The ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan

ACTIV8, the industry's highest-paying, patent-pending, and first of its kind compensation plan, was created by Dr. Fred Cooper, ARIIX Chief Executive Officer and Founder. By identifying and overcoming the industry's most prevalent concerns, ACTIV8 is uniquely designed to allow the ability for infinite earning potential as well as long-term stability.​

4 Patents-Pending

  1. Multiline
  2. Auto-Balancing
  3. Cost of Living Increase
  4. Power Re-Entry

Video Explanations of the Comp Plan

Average Earnings Report & ARIIX Promotional Titles

ARIIX -- THE Opportunity Company

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Dr. Fred Cooper speaks about the ARIIX Compensation Plan

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