ARIIX Brand Strategies...
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Branding products to specific customers allows your business to grow exponentially. Offering a wide spectrum of products to diverse demographics enables ARIIX Representatives to expand their potential customer base for greater growth and more sustainable sales.
The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes the pursuit to always be best in class.
To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the vesy best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent and testing for all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing. 

SLENDERIIZ Weight Management System

Slenderiiz provides a safe and long-term weight management solution with results found to be superior to those of diet and exercise alone.

NUTRIFII -Nutritional supplements that provide a unique blend of nutrients.

Nutrifii is a collection of premium supplements that give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimum health.

REVIIVE - Beautifully Natural

Reviive Organics personal care products are packed with all natural and certified organic ingredients.

PURITII - World’s safest and most advanced water & air filtration systems!

Puritii protects you from air and water pollutants that directly impact your health every day.

PRIIME Essential Oil Blends

Each uniquely effective essential oil blend of Priime delivers the best of ancient tradition and modern scientific knowledge.


In this new video, Deanna Latson, ARIIX's Chief Product Officer and co-Founder, discusses why ARIIX chose to create a skincare line, as well as its rigorous formulation process, which includes our commitment to using only clean ingredients that are skin-safe and toxic-free. Each Jouvé product name includes the word “and” because they are designed to fulfill more than one function and have multiple benefits.

Learn what makes the ARIIX products so special...

Deanna Latson is ARIIX Chief Product Officer and co-Owner. She is responsible for working with the doctors and advisory board in the creation of the ARIIX products.

Why Dr. Ray Strand Recommends ARIIX

ARIIX Brand Catalog

ARIIX Brands Catalog – What makes ARIIX unique is not only the opportunity but the five powerful brands ARIIX Representatives can represent. With ARIIX you are not limited by one niche product—you can choose a line of products known as a brand, that best suits your personality and passion.

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Advancement Through Collaboration

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